02 Nov

Concrete Kings Think On Their Feet.

Pouring concrete on the coast can come with it's challenges. As a concreter it is always wise to try your best to plan around the weather, unfortunately, some days you can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather, and boom, it's raining mid job.

What do we do at Concrete Kings when this happens? We improvise!


In the video above, we were just finishing up for the day when unpredicted rain was about to strike. We devised a makeshift roof so the concrete would not be damaged. 

We returned the next to to find the job was still in perfect condition and our plan was a success. 

What are some of the effects of rain on fresh concrete?

Cracking: Concrete that is washed out will become uneven and exposed to rapid wear. When a concrete surface is damaged, it will invite more water, and then to top it off the freeze and thaw cycles will also lead to more cracking in time by aggravating the damaged areas.

Washed out concrete: The good news with this is it is unlikely to affect the structural strength of our project and more likely to be surface damage. Most commonly you would see some colour streaking or exposed aggregate. 

Planning Ahead.

We are always planning ahead, so if we are concerned there is a possibility of rain, we will already have a game plan on what to do if it starts to bucket down. Of course, sometimes we will have to delay some jobs if the weather is unforgiving. Here at Concrete Kings we pride ourselves on forward thinking and delivering the highest standard of work to be found in Wollongong.

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