Concrete Services Wollongong

The team at Concrete Kings provide impressive concrete services across Wollongong

With so many different concrete options available, we are able to cater to all styles and budgets.

We can help you create a practical and modern look in your design that will compliment your home and give an attractive and elegant feel to your home.

Call Wade From Concrete Kings Wollongong For All Your Concrete Driveway Inquiries On 0401478014 Or Drop Us A Line With Your Questions.

⭐ Driveways

We offer a range of different concrete driveways, Exposed Stone, Cove Driveway, Broom, Stamped Concrete & Stencil.

⭐ Footpath

Concrete footpaths direct people away from dirt and your garden which will help prevent dirt and other debris being walked through your home.

⭐ Concrete decks

An inspection will need to be booked before we can accurately give you a price on the concrete patio project. We can give you a rough idea, but no firm quotes will be sent until after inspection.

⭐ Cleaning and sealing

Sealing your concrete can be compared to wearing sunscreen on a hot day. Protect your investment. We will clean and seal for a brand new look.

⭐ Colour concrete sealing

Colour sealing will keep the colour locked in for years to come. Sealing will also provide a protective coat to make it easier to clean and maintain.

⭐ Formwork of any kind

All types of formwork available. The most suitable formwork for the project will hinge on numerous factors, contact us with your job requirements and we will be happy to explain the next steps.

⭐ Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete will bring a modern, sleek look to your property. Maintenance is important with polished concrete, we will guide you through what's important to keep the concrete in good condition.

⭐ Concrete Resurfacing

With concrete resurfacing, we can make your old, dated concrete look brand new again. You can choose from a wide selection of colours and designs.

Call Concrete Kings Today For All Your Concrete Driveway Inquiries 0401478014

What Locations Do You Work In?

Concrete Kings will provide our concrete driveway services to people all across the Wollongong area. 

What Materials Do You Use?

Concrete Kings never cut corners when it comes to your driveway. We ensure to use only high quality materials throughout your concrete driveway project.

Do You Offer A Warranty On The Driveway?

All of our services come with a structural warranty. 

How Thick Does My Driveway Need To Be?

The thickness of your concrete driveway will depend on the load it intends to carry. For a standard car/cars driveway, we would go no lower than 100mm. If you intend to use truck or heavy vehicles on the driveway we will go at least 150mm.
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